Mitigation Fee Information

The North Richmond Waste & Recovery Mitigation Fee was established by the City and County as a permit condition related to expansion of Republic Services' waste processing and resource recovery operations located on the old West County Landfill site at the foot of Parr Boulevard in North Richmond.  

Since April 2006, this Mitigation Fee has been assessed on each ton of waste and bulk materials accepted at the Golden Bear Transfer Station and Bulk Material Recovery Facilities.  The Mitigation Fee is intended to help defray annual costs associated with collection and disposal of illegally dumped waste and associated impacts for the benefit of unincorporated and incorporated North Richmond.  

The Mitigation Fee funding is subject to the joint-control of the City and County and allocated based upon two-year Expenditure Plans.  Expenditure Plans are prepared by the North Richmond Waste & Recovery Mitigation Fee Joint Expenditure Planning Committee (NRMFC) and subject to final approval from the Richmond City Council and the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.  

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