Environmental Action Programs for Schools


The Environmental Action Program for Schools (EAPS) is a free program for schools everywhere! The goal of the program is to help students incorporate environmental ideals into their everyday life. It is designed to help school children of all ages (K –12) become more aware of the environment through easily accomplished actions and activities that take place at school. Participation in this program can help children change the world in which they live for the better, now and for a lifetime. If school children have first hand experience with recycling when they are young, they are more likely to embrace the ideals of recycling when they are grown.

The Environmental Action Program for Schools (EAPS) has eight action areas: Recycle, School Composting, Become a Collection Site, Letter Campaign, Less Toxic, Waste Prevention, Buy Recycled, and Environmental Curriculum from which to choose. Activities falling within four of these action areas must be completed to become certified. The activities are geared towards schools and can be easily accomplished. Upon completing activities in four of the eight action areas, schools earn the prestigious title of becoming an ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION SCHOOL.

Arts and crafts activity to teach kids about recycling
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(Note: Any and all schools are welcome to use the guide (PDF) and self-certify)